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  • Collection and Use of Personal Information:

    Personal data is any information that can be used to reasonably identify or contact you. We may collect and keep personal information about you when you use our Services in order to offer our Services to you and improve the Services we provide to all of our users. Here are some examples of the kind of personal data we gather and how we use it.

  • Rating and Review Disputes.

    Your membership may be suspended or cancelled if you compromise the integrity of our Rating and Review system in any manner. Each Supplier understands that your Rating and Review ("feedback") is made up of other Hayaty.ae members' opinions as well as a machine-generated feedback score. You also acknowledge that Hayaty.ae does not pass judgement on the truthfulness of remarks or viewpoints.

  • Feedback Rules:

    For any other Supplier, members may only provide one piece of feedback per unique transaction, whether good, neutral, or negative. The Member who is leaving the review must have done business with the Supplier and be able to show confirmation of that. By giving feedback, you acknowledge that it may be subject to a compliance audit at any moment by the Hayaty.ae Compliance Team. Any feedback item that the Hayaty.ae Compliance Team investigates may be removed, either temporarily or permanently. Hayaty.ae maintains the right to change or rephrase reviews at any time. To maintain the Rating and Review system's integrity, Hayaty.ae will only consider removing a feedback item in the following circumstances: If the feedback is profane, vulgar, discriminating, or contains adult material, it will be removed. If Hayaty.ae receives a binding judgement or settlement agreement from a valid and certified dispute resolution service, or a court order stating that the feedback is slanderous, libelous, defamatory, or otherwise illegal, or the court order mandates removal, the feedback will be removed. If any feedback refers to acts taken or purportedly taken by Hayaty.ae or any law enforcement entity, the feedback will be removed. If any feedback is posted with the intent of obtaining or soliciting any Member's contact information, such as other Member email addresses, for any non-Hayaty.ae related commercial or business purposes, or to transmit any unsolicited advertising, "junk mail," "spam," or "chain letters," that feedback will be removed. If Hayaty.ae is unable to contact the Member who left feedback, or if Hayaty.ae is unable to contact such Member as part of the dispute process, within 30 days of the date Hayaty.ae attempts to contact such Member as part of the dispute process, to validate that the business was conducted with the Supplier. If other members', Suppliers', or any other person's personally identifiable information appears in the feedback. Full names, dates of birth, physical addresses, email addresses, credit card numbers, social security numbers, and any other government-issued identity number are examples of personally identifiable information. If the Copyright Policy in these Terms of Use requires it.

  • Filing a Ratings and Review Dispute:

    Members can write an email to [email protected] to dispute a review. Within the Hayaty.ae SupplierHQ interface, all Suppliers who receive feedback will have the chance to publicly respond to the input.

  • Fraud:

    If we think that you have participated in fraudulent behaviour in connection with our Site, we may suspend or terminate your account at our sole discretion. Manipulation of the Rating and Review System is just one example of a fraudulent behaviour.

  • Manipulating Ratings and Reviews:

    You understand and agree that the Site is a neutral forum and that all transactions for services are made solely between you and other Members, and that as a result, we cannot, do not, or will not make any comments on your behalf or on behalf of your services. As a result, you acknowledge that the ability of Members to leave Ratings and Reviews about you and/or your services (whether positive, neutral, or negative) AND for other Members to read and evaluate those feedback reviews and make voluntary choices based on that feedback is a key component and integrity of the Site.

    As a result, in order to protect the Site's fundamental component and integrity, you shall NOT:

    - Attempt to restrict a Member's right to post a review in any way, whether through contract or otherwise;

    - Provide a Member with money or other forms of reward in exchange for a more positive review;

    - Post and/or copy the content of a Member feedback review from the Site to your own personal or business site, to any other third-party Web site, and/or to or on any of your own personal, commercial, or third-party marketing/advertising materials, regardless of the form;

    - Obtain feedback by receiving multiple responses from the same person;

    - Impersonate or misrepresent another Member

  • Payments Terms

    • Payments to be made in full while registering for the paid subscription form and at the time of products purchased from e-shop portal. The delivery date of the items purchased can only be fixed once the full payment has been made.

    • Exchanges are permitted within 3 working days of invoice date for items that are delivered, taken or collected by the customer

    • No exchange permitted for specially ordered or custom made items.

    • Refunds of e-shop products are permitted only if item is found to be damaged or defective during delivery time and if such a damage or defect cannot be rectified by Hayaty. Such a damage or defect should be notified immediately to the delivery staff and the concerned sales staff at the time of delivery. In any other case there shall be no refunds

    • Cancellation of subscription plans will be expected, if its cancelled with in 15 days of purchase

    • Hayaty will hold a fee of 25% upon cancellation and 75% will be refunded

    • Original invoices need to be presented for any exchange purpose.

    • Prices on the Website are displayed in AED currency (United Arab Emirates).

  • HAYATY policy on acceptance of advertising:

    Individuals and businesses looking to engage with to-be-wed couples in the UAE may rely on HAYATY to provide high-quality marketing and advertising services. HAYATY voluntarily complies to the UAE National Media Council's general principles, which are described here.

    HAYATY retains the right to refuse or cancel any advertisement or promotion if it (or the site or content to which it links) violates or may violate any of the NMC principles, such as legality, decency, or honesty.

    HAYATY retains the right to refuse or cancel any advertisement or promotion if it (or the site or content to which it connects) may offend someone because of their gender, marital status, family status, sexual orientation, religion, age, disability, or race.